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Annex 50

We got three clear days last weekend, so I was able to get the first four sheets of roofing into place.  It wasn’t a quick process, because I was largely working alone; on Friday I moved the sheets to the deck, then pulled them up to the roof one by one and wrangled them into place.  Attaching them was slow because we were given substandard self-drilling screws; apparently, the norm around here is to attach the metal to a wooden frame (our outbuildings were all constructed that way) so the provided screws were not of a high enough grade to drill into the cee purlins.  I therefore had to pre-drill the holes so the screws would work.  Then Saturday I used the plasma cutter to trim off the excess roofing; the north side was very difficult because I was working at a bad angle, so the cutting is very rough there and I’ll need to go back later and smooth it off with a second pass from above.  Still, we’re getting the roof up at last; once this leaf is done we’ll move on the the southwest facing, and then the complicated northwest.  That’s the part where you can see the orange ladder, which will eventually be a bathroom.  Onward and upward!

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