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Diary #595

I’m in Seattle today, but out at Sunset the repair guy is supposed to be fixing my generator transfer switch.  And that’s a good thing, because I’m thoroughly sick of having to figure out which electrical devices I can run at the same time and for how long, like in the first season of Green Acres.  Oh, it’s not that bad; 110-volt appliances don’t seem to create any problems, and even the 220-volt ones are OK run one at a time except the water heater (which draws about 9.6 kw all by itself).  But since I have lots of thick, curly hair (as you may have noticed), that is problem enough. For the past two weeks, the only way I can wash my hair without tripping the main breaker is to run the water for just long enough to get my hair wet (which takes about 5 minutes), then turn it off while I lather it up, then run it again for long enough to rinse, then turn it off again to condition, before finally rinsing it out.  And for someone who likes hot showers as much as I do, that’s really annoying.  I took a good, leisurely one when I got to my apartment yesterday, but the shower there is of the stall variety so I can’t condition my hair there with the water running, either.  So I’m really looking forward to having a healthy home electrical system again, so I can take as many damned showers I want for as long as I bloody well please.

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