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Diary #593

When I got back to my office in Seattle two days after my birthday, I found two packages waiting for me.  One of them, from a reader who has enjoyed my Doctor Who thread on Twitter but prefers to remain anonymous, contained the complete series of Blake’s 7, a BBC serial from the 1970s I’ve heard lots of good things about but have never seen.  It was only available in Region 2 format, but that’s OK because I have an all-region player (which is how we watched The Sarah Jane Adventures, since it’s badly overpriced in Region 1 format).  We’re going to start watching it in December, after we’re done with Doctor Who up to the last season; the current season won’t be out on disc until probably sometime next year.  And I’ll definitely be sharing my thoughts, though not at such length as I have with Doctor Who!  The other package was from one of my regular gentlemen, and contained the Meat Loaf disc you see at the bottom of this picture, plusaspecial edition of John Coltrane’s masterpiece A Love Supreme.  When I left for Sunset last Thursday, I wanted to listen to at least one of them on the way home, but realized too late I had packed them in my suitcase and I wasn’t going to pull over to dig them out.  But that’s OK, because I’ll be going back in two weeks and  I’ll listen to them then.  In case you’re wondering, I actually prefer to listen to discs in the car because it’s the only time I can do so without usually being interrupted, including by myself.  Yes, I also listen to music while getting stoned, but for that I just use Pandora so I needn’t deal with changing discs, or miss something I really want to hear because I drop off into a drugged sleep.  Two other readers have told me there are packages on the way, so I’ll tell you about them when they arrive.  And though you can’t see it clearly, this picture also contains another of my presents:  Jae is decorating my office and I’m already using it even though it isn’t yet finished!

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