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Home Office

Jae has been talking about starting work on decorating my office for a few months now, and a couple of weeks ago she sprung into action; within a few days she had painted the walls, arranged the furniture, refinished a dresser (out of frame), and even started on the wall decor (as you can see from The Count there).  She says she’s ordered some curtains, but in the meantime used some old fabric I had for sheers.  I’ve learned to trust Jae’s decorating instincts; those of you who have seen my incall know what a great job she did on it, and (with the help of my bookcase-building to Grace’s designs) she turned the living room from an embarassment into a comfortable, homey space.  Her work on the kitchen was similarly transformative, so I’ve been really looking forward to what she’d do with the upstairs area I decided to use as an office.  It’s not yet finished, but I expect it will be by Christmas, and I’m already using it; I’ll post more pictures (showing all the details) when she’s done!

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