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Diary #601

With the weather making it impossible to do any work on our bathhouse project, I’m putting more energy into inside projects.  And since I got two new cookbooks for Christmas (and my existing cookbook space is both overfull and not all that great), I decided to build a new shelving unit.  We already had all the wood, so last week Grace helped me design it and I installed the backboards and footing, then made a shelf pattern.  On New Year’s Eve I got Chekhov to cut out the shelves and braces, then on New Year’s Day I put it all together during those periods where things were cooking, so I needed to stay nearby but didn’t actually have to do anything with the food at that time.  Jae is supposed to sand and stain it for me, so perhaps I’ll be able to get it loaded before I leave for my conference on Sunday; it’s more space than I actually need for cookbooks, so I think I’ll use the bottom shelf for potatoes & onions, and maybe some of the higher shelves for other small things that don’t presently have a good home.

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