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Diary #604

I only got to be home for a few days before I had to run back to Seattle for a few appointments, but fortunately the tolerance break worked to restore the ability of fairly small edibles to kick my butt, so I slept like a rock each of those nights.  Usually, once in a trip to Seattle, I take a higher dose one night so I can really trip while alone in conditions conducive to visions.  Well, the same dose that gave me a nice, if quiet trip a few weeks ago absolutely incapacitated me this time.  I knew it would have a stronger effect because of my experiences with regular doses over the few previous nights, but I was unprepared for such an irresistible state of paralysis. Unfortunately, it was too intense to enjoy; I had to focus to keep the experience under control, and therefore couldn’t properly relax. Ah well, next time I’ll reduce the dose by about 33%; that should roughly put me back in the zone.  By the by, when I got back to Sunset Jae had finished staining my shelves, so this is the tentative setup; it may change with time, but this will work for now.

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