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Annex 54

I took this picture on Boxing Day; it was quite a bit deeper by the time it finally stopped on the 30th.  But it may give you some idea why we haven’t done anything on the bathhouse in weeks.  Even when it hasn’t been raining or snowing, it has been far too cold to weld outdoors (Grace says welding in temperatures below 5 Celsius results in weaker welds).  So it’ll probably be a few weeks before I have anything new to show you, but at least I had proof that my work is plenty strong enough; even with about 5 cm of snow on this section, it didn’t even bend.  And a few hours after the sun finally came out, the southwest leaf shed its entire snow pack in one mighty plop while I was eating breakfast, though the snow on the western leaf (occupying most of this picture) had more staying power due to the house roof arresting the slide.  Once we’re done with the structure, the wood-burning stove will keep the metal roof warm enough to shed any snow more quickly, so I hope we’ve reached that point by next Christmas; the ice on the currently-exposed deck makes getting to the cottages (or even just going out the back door) far too treacherous.

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