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Bathhouse 55

We finally got a week without rain, which means that, paradoxically, I could finally do the work to seal the join between the rooves of house and bathhouse against rain.  We probably should’ve put this channel in before doing the roof panels, but live and learn.  As you can see, I didn’t have enough roof-sealing compound to do both sides when this picture was taken, but I got it the next day and finished the job; taking it with the bathhouse side undone made for a clearer picture anyway, because that rubberized asphalt roof stuff is really goopy and can’t be applied neatly.  It’s likely I’ll come back later and do a second coat, but I wanted to get this in place so we don’t have a waterfall in front of the back door every time the weather does its typical Olympic peninsula thing.  If you’re very observant, you may have noticed that the edge of the bathhouse roof does not run exactly parallel to the line of roof shingles; that was by design, so the north end is lower down the slope of the house roof, in order that the water will run to the downspout on that side.  While I was up on the roof, Grace was fabricating the steel beams for the next leaf of the roof; you’ll be seeing pictures of that very soon.

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