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Diary #610

One of the things that makes going into Seattle worthwhile is knowing that I might have a gift or gifts waiting for me.  My landlord and I have a very good relationship; he shows his appreciation for my being an exemplary tenant by helping me out in little ways, such as keeping an eye out for packages that arrive while I’m gone.  He then texts me to let me know something has arrived and asking what would be a good time to put it inside my apartment.  Of course I don’t usually know what has come in, so there’s a nice surprise on my coffee table when I arrive.  This time, I’m sending a big “Thank you!” to a reader who has enjoyed my Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 reviews who was delighted to discover I’m also a horror fan, and therefore sent me this double CD from my Amazon wishlist (there are still several other horror-movie-related items there, and a set of DVDs of a delightful animated series I loved as a child, but only recently discovered was available).  Plus some more music and other goodies, so there are lots of choices if you’d like to get me something nice, and most of them are quite reasonable.

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