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Annex 60

What you’re looking at is the framework for the wall of what will be a full bath.  The house currently has only one and a quarter baths (a full one downstairs and a toilet in a closet adjoining my office upstairs), which is simply not enough (especially in the morning).  If you look carefully to the left you can see (lying flat on the deck) the door which will fit in that doorway; the wall to the left of the doorway will be the wall of the shower, which will be divided from the walkway by an internal wall (leaving a passageway to the door).  The house wall at left is the wall of the existing bathroom, so it will be a relatively simple matter to run the new shower off of the plumbing leading to the existing one (the new toilet will be similarly piggybacked on the existing one).  I didn’t really want to start working on the walls yet, but Grace designed it this way so as to provide support for the roof section which will cover the bathroom.  Actually, that is already done; you’ll see pictures of how it went up over the next two weeks.  I’m not trying to tease, honestly; it’s just that the weather has been so cooperative we’ve made unusually good progress for the past two months, and since we can’t be sure that will continue, I’d rather space the reports out evenly just in case there are a few weeks where I can’t get much work done.

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