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Annex 59

We’d originally planned to use pipe for the uprights on the north side of the deck, but a few days of research led us to the inescapable conclusion that it simply wasn’t feasible; only one place with two hours’ drive had it at all, and the cost was dramatically more than the alternative: framing the north side wall structure completely now, and using it to support the roof header on that side.  While steel was definitely the way to go for the roof, y’all may remember that it took six weeks to find it all, and then two months more for everything to finally arrive.  So as you can imagine, I wasn’t willing to go through anything resembling that again.  For a couple of hundred bucks I got what we needed, and on the day my previous report posted, we were doing this.  I went ahead and finished the porch because it would’ve been silly not to, and what you can’t see is that in addition to the external steel braces, each of those tall posts has a steel rod at its core, pounded into holes drilled in the ends of the posts.  The diagonal brace is temporary; it’s just there to steady the structure until the inner wall is framed and the posts cross-braced to that structure.  By the time you read this, that will be done; look for pictures next week!

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