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Diary #612

I’ve never had chicks as rambunctious as this brood.  In past years, chicks would sometimes hop up to the top of the feeder, and once in a very rare while one would make it to the top of the divider.  But as you can see, these just hang out there on the regular, and several times over the past week I’ve opened the door to find one peep-peep-peeping around on the floor outside their enclosure.  At other times they race around the inside, throwing shavings all the way over the wall, and they’re so loud I can actually hear them right now as I type this despite the fact that I’m upstairs in my office and they’re downstairs in the bathroom with the door closed.  So it’s probably a good thing they’ll be going out into the nursery cage of the henhouse on Sunday; if they stayed inside much longer it might get difficult to contain them.  And it ought to be interesting to see if their behavior differs from the hens I’m used to once they get older.

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