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Annex 67

This section of roof went much more quickly than any of the previous ones because the orientation of the leaf allowed me to use the panels with very little cutting; I simply had to trim a short section off of each one and then haul it into place and screw it down.  Indeed, since the polycarbonate panels are shorter than the metal ones (12′ vs 16′), all I had to do was cut the metal ones to the same length.  The only difficult part is holding each panel in place while drilling the first two holes; once there are two screws in place, the panel can’t shift and the rest of the task is relatively quick and easy.  Better still, I was able to climb back and forth between the shop roof and cottage roof on the steel framework, and once the roof panels were in place I could actually walk on them (though I need to step over the polycarbonate panels because they aren’t strong enough to support human weight).  You can see the roof peak beam through the transparent panels; each panel goes a little past the peak right now, but when it’s time to install the ridge caps those will be trimmed down until they fit under the caps.  This picture was taken on the 9th, and I’ve already finished the section visible on the other side; however, as I’ve written in the past, I like to space out these reports because progress can be very uneven and it might be weeks between developments that will show in pictures.  I expect that will be especially true once I start working on the ridge caps, which will involve a lot of waterproofing with Gorilla tape and silicone sealant.

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