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Diary #622

Now that the weather is slowly getting warmer and drier, we’ll soon be able to start working on the stable again; Jae’s patron had the rest of the materials shipped here, but it has rained nearly every weekend (and he isn’t available on weekdays).  But worse come to worst, July and August are generally dry here, so we’ll be able to get it done then if not before (I think perhaps two more dry weekends of good work can probably accomplish it).  That means it’ll be all done before the autumn; which is the next time it’ll really be needed; right now there’s very little hay in the barn, so the animals have plenty of room to shelter in there when it rains.  But as summer goes on it will fill up with hay, which means Shiloh won’t be able to shelter there because of her bad reaction to hay dust.  I think they’ll like the stable; as you can see, they already prefer to be in that part of the paddock when they aren’t doing something important somewhere else.

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