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Diary #620

I just did not stop last week!  After working on my bathhouse roof all afternoon Monday, in the evening I drove into Seattle and spent a few hours at my incall before heading to the airport for an overnight visit with Dr. Quest.  I chose the earliest Tuesday flight possible because I’ve discovered that redeyes minimize my chances of airsickness; the planes tend to be much less crowded so it’s easier to get a window seat (I need it to lean against the fuselage with my travel pillow, since airplane seats no longer recline), and I just take my diazepam and sleep as best I can all the way.  How good the sleep is varies dramatically with the type of plane and my position in it; on my flight to Miami in January I slept extremely well, whereas this time wasn’t so good.  But I actually slept better on the second leg, and I felt fine all through our visit (it helps a lot that I really enjoy my visits with Dr. Quest).  The next morning I flew out very early again, but while the first leg was great, the Dallas-to-Seattle run was terrible: I was seated at the last minute in a really bad seat on an overfull plane too late for my drugs to kick in before takeoff, and the pilot was only barely competent (with predictable results on both takeoff and landing and poor sleep in between).  Since I arrived so early I decided to just drive back to Sunset, and I’m glad I did because I was very tired and dropped off before midnight.  The next day I had to take Grace to a doctor appointment, then I dodged annoyingly-intermittent rain Friday and Saturday to almost finish the section of roof between the two cottages (you’ll see pictures over the next few weeks).  Working like that is very tiring because, while I’m not afraid of heights, I give them the respect they deserve; that means my body is under a lot of tension all day, in a way that cries out for a double piña colada with dinner and a long soak in the hot tub afterward.  Having to deal with sporadic drizzle makes it even worse, but I really want to get this done so I can move on to the more relaxed, safer, floor-level part of the project, under a roof that will not only protect me from rain, but eliminate the need for sunscreen in the summer months.  Still, as I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon, I can’t say I’m disappointed that it rained too heavily all afternoon for me to even consider doing any work outside.

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