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Annex 93

I wasn’t sure how I was going to put a ceiling in the new bathroom, until I happened to come across a piece of this styrofoam insulation and realized it was exactly the material I wanted.  Because it’s so light all I needed to do was cut the sheets to fit with a hot knife, then use trim boards to support it.  The polystyrene keeps heat in the room to ensure comfort during the cold months, and the shiny foil backing reflects the light I installed above the mirror so as to brighten the whole room.  I was also able to use smaller pieces of the same stuff in the ceiling of the shower, though in that case I’ll need to use rigid plastic panels to keep it in place.  But there’s another improvement you can’t see which I’m especially happy about.  See that open gap which runs clear across the room above the cupboard doors?  That’s the edge of the original house roof, and there has been a persistent drip during heavy rain which I’ve been fighting for over a year; I’ve finally managed to close it off with liberal use of a rubber sealant product (Flex Seal), so now the floor stays dry even in the heaviest rain.  The lavatory still needs connecting and there’s decorating to be done, but all in all the room is nearly finished, and I’m pretty satisfied with how it has turned out.

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