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This isn’t a few “bad apples”; it’s a culture of rampant misogyny.  –  Rachel Cunliffe

Law of the Instrument

I guess they figure describing rape as “sex trafficking” will net a larger payout:

A federal sex trafficking and forced labor lawsuit filed by a former employee against…shipping giant Crowley Maritime will move forward…[after the] Judge…denied a motion…to dismiss…the plaintiff claims she was 21 years old when she was hired by Crowley as a credit and collections coordinator in Crowley’s San Salvador office and that she was paid less than $10,000 per year.  She says that in 2017 she was sexually assaulted inside an elevator at the Crowley offices by a supervisor…[and that] Crowley moved the supervisor to a new department instead of firing him…

The “sex trafficking” angle seems to derive from the fact that she was forced by her job to travel with the supervisor who raped her.

Follow Your Bliss

How nice of this guy to “volunteer” for a position that gave him access to children:

A [typical and representative] volunteer youth pastor at the Abba’s House church in Hixson [Tennessee, who was also the] PTA president at Wolftever Creek Elementary School…now faces [charges of] child molestation…and aggravated sexual battery…Dustin Spillers…is [originally from Louisiana and the charges appear to originate in Georgia]…

This one too:

A [volunteer] Colorado Springs Bible study teacher, Carlton Ranquist, pleaded guilty to [molest]ing a [girl under 15]…Ranquist accepted a plea deal that saw him plead guilty to just one of the nine charges he initially faced…the remaining eight charges will all be dismissed as part of the plea deal…Ranquist was arrested in Maine…to [which he had moved] in 2020…Five [of the] charges Ranquist faced prior to accepting the plea deal…[were for molesting other kids] between 2006 and 2012…

If Men Were Angels

Even the use of the distancing “former” is the same as for rapist cops:

A [typical and representative] youth pastor…[named] Sean Patrick Masopust…pleaded guilty to [molesting a teenage girl]…and was sentenced…to 10 years of supervised probation, 28 days in the Steele County [Minnesota] Jail, and a $1,000 fine…

To Molest and Rape (#1286)

Hey, female cops; how’s that collaboration with the police state working out?

A [London cop]…who[se identity is being covered up by the government]…is…being investigated…[for] sexually assault[ing] a female colleague…the woman had previously complained about his…behaviour [to supervisors before he actually attacked her].  The man, who was [wearing his magical clown costume] at the time of the…attack, works [covering up other cops’ attacks on other women]…

Stalkers in Blue (#1289)

Another cop demonstrating exactly what he is:

A [cop] pulled down a teenage woman’s top and took a photograph of her breasts after pretending to ejaculate on her chest [by flicking beer foam onto her]…Paul Hinchcliffe…also…[loudly announced] he would use it [and other pictures he took without her consent] to masturbate …the [disgusting] incident took place when he was drinking with three other [pigs]…in a pub in Rotherham on October 3, 2020…[after] the woman l[eft due to his behavior]…she received a message from Hinchliffe saying: “God I’d do you, is that bad?”…accompanied by a number of emojis that the woman took to represent masturbation…

To Molest and Rape (#1298)

This guy needs to be put away before he murders her:

William Ray Pruitt…was arrested…for [stalking and harassing] a…girl [he raped at gunpoint]…in [December] 2020[, when she was 14]…the…stalking began in October 2021, when the victim was 15…and continued into December 2022…[after the rape], the victim’s mother left her job and moved [with her daughter] to an undisclosed location.  But soon after, a private investigator…was hired by Pruitt [to find them so he could]…start…driving by the…new residence…Pruitt [then] began leaving cryptic messages around the neighborhood referencing…an…[imaginary] unborn child…he [named “Libby” and pretended to have sired on his victim by the rape.  Then]…On 8/22/22 [the girl] was driving [home] alone from…school when…Pruitt pulled up next to her and yelled at her to pull over…the[n]…attempted to…force…her…off the road…[she escaped by dr]iving [to] her cousin’s apartment…[and running] inside…[before] Pruitt…[could catch her]…

To Molest and Rape (#1307)

It’s rare to see someone whose name isn’t Maggie McNeill expressing these thoughts this strongly:

[David] Carrick showed…his employers…who he was before he even became a [cop]…he had been under criminal investigation for…burglary.  They let him in anyway.  He was accused of assault against a former partner.  Nothing was done.  He continued to rape and assault women, and was promoted…14 [complaints]…of…violence…were ignored…Carrick did not commit these crimes in spite of being a [cop]…he was part of a force that enabled him to commit these crimes…power-hungry individuals are drawn to positions that give them power and enable them to abuse it.  A man predisposed to raping and harming women will seek a job in an organisation that provides him the opportunity to do so.  If that organisation ignores the blinking red lights and lets such men continue with virtual impunity, it will become a magnet for abusers…This isn’t a few “bad apples”; it’s a culture of rampant misogyny, and such cultures naturally attract and embolden rampant misogynists…The [police have] shown us what [they are].  Now we need to believe it.


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