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Diary #653

I’ve been really lazy since recovering from the flu.  Of course I mean lazy by Maggie standards, which means I’ve still done all my chores and a lot of holiday cooking, and even did a little work on the new bathroom.  But I’ve used the short days and monsoon rains as excuses to avoid doing a number of things I probably could’ve done, and I feel surprisingly OK about that.  About two years ago I decided that November through February aren’t conducive to major projects around here, and that going forward I would not try to schedule anything requiring large amounts of outdoor time due to the rain, cold, and gloom.  But then we got very little done on the annex in the summer of 2021, which meant I felt compelled to make up for it over the following winter; on top of that, I had to improve my fencing in order to keep Cicero from going over to the neighbors’ every day.  If you’re a regular reader, you already know that I habitually push myself much too hard, and I think it really caught up with me in the past few months; given that, and the fact that I had already designated the monsoon season as off-time, I must’ve unconsciously given myself permission to relax a bit more than usual.  So on New Year’s Eve I set out a small spread of meat, cheese, crackers and cookies, made myself a glass of strongly-spiked eggnog, took enough edibles to feel really good about the world, and put on some concert videos; here’s hoping that heralds a much more relaxed, low-stress 2023 for me.

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