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Diary #656

Having been raised in Louisiana, I know that a very damp environment comes with its own special problems, but for some reason it did not occur to me that building supply stores in such an area might nonetheless carry products unsuited to that environment.  So when I bought two pre-hung doors for the atrium, I never thought the frames would swell so much in damp weather that opening and closing them would require so much effort that it’s practically a workout.  Of the two doors I hung myself, the southwest corner door sticks a little and the bathroom door still operates as smoothly as ever, which I guess should teach me a lesson about trusting a corporation over my own abilities.  Anyhow, when I asked Grace what could be done about the problem, she said she’d have to plane the frames down a bit so they wouldn’t bind; she picked out this power planer and I added it to my Amazon wishlist, where it was seen the very next day by one of my generous gentlemen and here it is!  We plan to use it this week, and then maybe I won’t have to hurt my hands trying to open the doors or my shoulder trying to close them.  So hurray for Grace!  And hurray for Amazon!  And hurray for generous gentlemen!  And a big raspberry for Home Depot.

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