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Too bad.  –  Kevin Sykes, to his victim

Torture Chamber

Where “disgraced” is used to mean “accurately represented”:

Two [Florida] sheriff’s deputies are out of the job and face criminal charges after [wanton]ly pouring scalding water on [human beings trapped in cages].  Casey Howell and Enzo Finamore…[had apparently made a habit of this because beside the three victims in the current abuse,] two [other prisoners had] similar injuries and statements…Howell and Finamore [got the] hot water from a water dispenser…[which has now been] removed from the…jail wing [in order to prevent monkey see, monkey do behavior from other screws]…

If Men Were Angels

“Youth pastor”, “youth leader”…can’t y’all settle on one term for preachy molesters?

A [typical and representative] youth leader from [Utah named]…Kevin Sykes…pleaded guilty…to…sexually abusing a young boy for years, beginning when…he…was 10 years old, and giving [him]…as much as $15,000 to keep the abuse secret.  During one incident in 2019 when the boy told Sykes to stop because he did not like it, Sykes told him, “Too bad” and, “I’m paying you money not to say anything”…Sykes…[also had] pornography on his phone [with boys in that same age range]…his boss [found out and] reported…hi[m to the cops]…

No Escape

The state keeps giving men power over women, then acting surprised when the utterly predictable happens:

A Miami woman serving part of her federal prison sentence on house arrest didn’t have any [way out] when [Benito Montes de Oca Cruz, the screw] assigned to monitor her…sexual[ly assaulted her]…So, she s[ecretly recorded him groping]…her…[then forcing] her…[to disrobe and] get[ting]…on top of her.  He [forced] her [to] masturbate him…[so] she [saved his jizz]…for DNA testing and [gave it to cops along with] “two short videos”…

To Molest and Rape (Another Rapist Roundup)

Hey, female cops; how’s that collaboration with the police state working out?

…a…female [cop] is suing the city [of Iron Mountain, Michigan because]…she was groped, harassed, and discriminated against before she was forced to resign.  Teresa Williams…endured years of harassment and retaliation…her partner…Garth Budek…and her supervisor…Joseph Dumais…groped and sexually harassed her and…when Williams complained…her…abusers, who are also defendants in the suit, disciplined her and threatened her with further punishment, including prosecuting her, her husband, and her minor children…

Stalkers in Blue (Another Rapist Roundup)

Another cop demonstrating exactly what he is:

An Akron [Ohio cop named]…Mikel Dillon…was arrested…[for repeatedly filming an underage girl nude without her consent] for more than a year from March 29, 2021, to Dec. 11, 2022…Dillon has been [rewarded with a paid vacation]…

The Mob Rules (#1311)

Laws enabling nuisance lawsuits will keep multiplying until they’re ruled unconstitutional:

In 2013, [Arizona politician] John Kavanagh…introduced his first attempt at a “bathroom bill” that would criminalize transgender people for using restrooms that match their gender identity.  That bill was flushed away following national outrage.  A decade later, Kavanagh…has…again target[ed] the use of restrooms by transgender people in schools and [circumvents the fact that similar bills have been struck down by courts every time they’ve been enacted by empowering] individuals to sue if they [suspect they have] encounter[ed] trans people in school bathrooms…

Since “bathroom bills” largely became passé in 2019, the rapidly-metastasizing mob-rule enforcement mechanism is the real story here.

To Molest and Rape (#1316)

I suspect there are no rape charges because her remains were too far gone for evidence to survive:

A [typical and representative] Georgia [cop] has been charged with felony murder and kidnapping in the death of 16-year-old Susana Morales[.  Cops started to suspect Miles Bryant] after…a gun he had reported missing was found near her skeletal remains…Bryant…was previously [only] charged with concealing a death and falsely reporting a crime…it’s not known whether…Bryant knew [his victim]…but…he…live[s] in the…apartment…complex she had visited th[e] day [she died, and apparently accosted her when she left about 10 pm]…


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