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Annex 102

Jae got two more strings of those little LEDs, and I put them up a couple of weeks ago.  They’re powered from an extension cord I ran up the hollow inside of one of the long rafters running over Chekhov’s cottage, so it was a simple matter to plug the new strands into the same cord and then place the control box right next to the other one, so whenever I change the color (eg, to this spooky green) with the remote they all change at once.  We avoided the area to the right of this picture on purpose, because that’s where the stovepipe will be and I’m not interested in finding out what effect the heat might have on the LEDs.  It’s really pretty amazing how much light these little suckers give off; as soon as it warms up a little more I’m anxious to see what they look like from the hot tub while soaking.

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