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Annex 101

Thanks to a very generous gentleman, we now have a wood-burning stove for the atrium!  According to the specifications, it should be more than enough to heat the area, which will mean no more shivery runs from the hot tub into the lower bathroom after a nice, relaxing soak; it will also help keep the cottages and upper bathroom warm next winter, and protect the pipes during cold weather since the well is in the utility room, fairly close to the stove.  It should also help me save on electricity, since Sunset is 11 acres and the majority of that is trees; even just picking up fallen branches should provide plenty of fuel.  Since it arrived less than a week before the end of winter, it won’t be of much help this year, but that’s OK; at least I’ll have plenty of time to get the chimney installed and all the other prep long before it starts getting chilly again around the end of September.  Since it weighs about 150 kg, I reinforced the deck the same way I did under the shower pan, then we put down four concrete pavers and a marble slab Jae scored several years ago.  She and Grace figured out what we needed, and since I’ve never owned a wood stove before I trusted them; it certainly is a nice looking unit, and I’m looking forward to getting it ready to at least test as soon as I can budget the rest of the stovepipe, fittings, etc.

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