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Diary #663

Despite my age and its attendant painful levels of maturity, I always look forward to this as the time of year when I get to have a box of tiny dinosaur clowns in my bathroom for three weeks.  Regular readers will remember that the bathroom is the best place to raise them; it’s warm, safe from cats, and in a location where everyone in the household can set eyes on them several times per day.  When I go in to wash my face first thing in the morning, I can change their water and top off their food (if necessary), and I always like to spend a few minutes watching their silly antics (running around banging into each other, standing in the corner peeping as if unable to turn around, etc).  In just a few weeks they’ll be gawky pullets, well on their way to chickenhood, but in the meantime they’re terribly cute for a painfully-short time.  And that’s OK, because let’s be honest: if they stayed baby chicks for long, pretty soon their constant peep-peep-peeping would be just another background noise like dogs barking or floorboards creaking.  Some of life’s greatest pleasures are pleasant precisely because they’re so ephemeral; if rainbows were always a feature of the sky, few would ever bother to look up at them in wonderment and appreciation.

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