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The reality is that healthy people do not pay for the privilege of stacking hay.  –  Wyoming Supreme Court

Thou Shalt Not (#21)

Crypto-moralists believe anything unpleasant must be “good for you”:

[Crypto-moralists] are [claiming health] benefits [for] cold showers…defined as bathing in water less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit…Dr. Majdoline Jayoushe [sez]…“When you’re in cold water, your brain is too busy focusing on making the unpleasant sensation go away rather than thinking about all the reasons you are unhappy or stressed”…[Bogus] studies [proclaim] that cold showers…help increase endorphins, boost metabolism, strengthen immune health, promote healthy weight loss, improve circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, fight symptoms of depression…lessen aches and pains [and save your soul]…Some [even] claim that cold water can give you a beauty boost by tightening your pores and adding shine to your hair…[crypto-moralists] recommend taking a cold shower in the afternoon or evening, [when the]…body…is [craving sinful relaxation]…a 2016 study [claimed]…that people who took a cold shower for just 30 to 90 seconds for 90 days [cost their masters money by calling] in sick to work 29% less than people who [actually enjoyed their showers]…

Dr. Jayoushe’s “logic” is that of a cartoon character “curing” someone’s headache by hitting their foot with a giant mallet.

The Truth About “The Truth About…”

Just another of those nonexistent false rape accusations:

A man locked up nearly four years ago was acquitted of…rape from a June 2017 allegation…by a girl, 17 years old at the time, [whose] testimony fell apart under further interrogation…The defendant maintained his innocence throughout his incarceration, and [refus]ed to…plead guilty to a non-sex offense and get out of jail…[with] time served and…probation…[his] wife stuck with him through the trial and testified on his behalf…the accuser had gotten into a heated argument with Martines’ wife over ownership of a car…when her demands were met with refusal, the accuser threatened to go to police with unspecified allegations…Less than 24 hours later, she accused [the defendant] of raping her…[and] also [claimed he] had threatened to murder her whole family…

No Escape (#1302)

Your “leaders” refer to this as “correction”:

Gregory Rodriguez…[raped] more than 22 women…[locked in cages by the state of California] over the span of nearly a decade…The [typical and representative screw]…has [claimed the women all wanted to be raped on at least] 96…[occasions.  Prison bureaucrats are wringing their hands and lugubriously moaning “]how could [this happen]…over so many years, without [his] getting caught?[” even though they create and maintain]…a system in which…vulnerable women [with absolutely no way to escape or even effectively report rapists]…are routinely preyed upon…and then threatened into silence.  When women have reported abuse, they [nearly always] face…severe consequences, in[cluding] longer prison terms[, loss of the most basic human rights,] and further exposure to their assailants.  [Screws routinely] protect…their colleagues and facilitate…their attacks…Rodriguez’s [depredations were known] as early as 2014…but instead of terminating him, [prison bureaucrats] punished the victim…[and encouraged Rodriguez] to commit dozens of additional…[rapes and] sexual assaults…more than 3,500 women [at a conservative estimate] are sexually abused by [screws] each year, and…[screws routinely] abuse…women in at least two-thirds of federal women’s prisons

Don’t Call It Trafficking (#1363)

The entire “troubled teen” industry needs to be sued out of existence:

[Two men who] were subjected to severe forced labor and abusive conditions…as teens…on a youth [“treatment”] ranch in Powell, Wyoming, are suing the ranch and other businesses [who collaborate with it] in federal court.  Andrew Lewis, of Texas, and Andrew Unruh, of California…“and others similarly situated were transported to Wyoming, often through legal kidnapping at the suggestion of (the ranch owners), and forced to work in unfathomable conditions while receiving little to no formal education, behavioral treatment or therapy”…Lewis and Unruh are asking…to now be paid for their labor, including $16.31 per hour…for the first 40 hours per week and $24.47 per hour for every hour beyond 40 per week.  Their workdays allegedly [exceeded] 12…hours…They also are asking for compensatory damages for emotional distress for [being held] in…“squalid, restricted and threatening” conditions…. and repayment of the amounts their parents…paid to keep them at the ranch (between $6,000 and $9,000 per month, per teen)…[plus] interest…at 10% per year…

Torture Chamber (#1374)

The government needs to be buried in lawsuits before this will stop:

Philadelphia has asked a judge to hold the state in contempt of court for failing to address a crisis of overcrowding inside the city’s juvenile jail — escalating a blame game that has continued for more than a year.  The filing…included disturbing photos that showed [young people] sleeping on floors and benches in crowded, filthy rooms, where…lights are left on 24 hours a day, and access to bathrooms and showers is limited….about 211 young people [are locked into cages] licensed to hold 184…

Permanent Record (#1379)

If prohibitionists really want to “rescue” sex workers, why do they keep shutting us out of other jobs?

A second teacher at a small Missouri high school has landed in hot water for supplementing her income…on OnlyFans…Megan Gaither…an English teacher and varsity cheerleading coach at St. Clair High School…was put on leave…“Teaching does not financially support a person…That’s why I did it”…Gaither…[has] more than $125,000 in student loans.  Her total pay last year, including a coaching stipend, was about $47,500…Her colleague Brianna Coppage, a former freshman and sophomore English teacher at the school, recently resigned to devote all her time to porn after she was placed on leave when it was revealed she was running an OnlyFans page with her husband…

To Molest and Rape (#1382)

Cops should not be allowed anywhere near legal minors:

A Miami-Dade [cop named]…Daniel Ramos-Aviles [is] being held [without]…bond [for molesting at least three kids, one of them his own 6-year-old]…It was the second time in less than a week that a South Florida [cop was caught behaving exactly like cops tend to behave when alone]…with a minor…


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