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Diary #698

Now that the apples are gone and the trees are going to sleep for the winter, the dry leaves are falling and the animals are finding it more difficult to locate plants they want to eat.  Cicero keeps poking around these trees despite the lack of fruit; he seems to be eating something he likes, which I suspect may be mushrooms.  Of course, around here that also means the rainy season has started; we get a few dry hours from time to time, such as this relatively-sunny break on Saturday afternoon.  But those don’t last long; though I took this picture less than 15 minutes before sitting down to write this column, I can hear the rain on the roof, and in only 90 minutes I’ll start the process of closing down for the evening: turning on the lights, feeding the animals, and then (just a bit after sunset) starting our dinner.  Though October is my favorite month, US politicians years ago extended the Time of Lying Clocks into November, which means my brain doesn’t get its full relaxation until after my birthday.  But for the next few months, until the increasing day-length begins to become noticeable in February, I get to enjoy days that are too short to accomplish as much as my inner nun demands, and catch up on the rest I never get enough of in the brighter 7/12 of the year.

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