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Diary #697

Though I love all the presents y’all send me, some of them just make more striking illustrations than others, which is why I’m featuring the Cthulhu chia pet rather than the assorted Halloween-themed placemats & table runner, or the complete set of The Dick Van Dyke Show, or the CD of Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxymore, or the DVD of Tales That Witness Madness (an early ’70s horror anthology I’ve wanted to see since I first read about it in Famous Monsters of Filmland when I was a kid), or Black Sabbath (a Boris Karloff horror anthology which somehow scaped my notice until recently), or a collection of lesser Hammer films.  Because even though all those things are awesome and I thank everyone who sent me gifts or cash for my birthday, a Cthulhu chia pet is just so absurd it would have been wrong of me to fail to show it to y’all.

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