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Apparently, some adults find it appropriate to contact the police over a fictional book involving gargoyles.  –  Jennifer Armentrout

If Men Were Angels

Even the distancing “former” is the same as for rapist cops:

Corey White…a [typical and representative] youth pastor…[in] Midland [Texas] was arrested [for possession of child porn] on Oct. 23…White has waived his rights to a preliminary hearing and…will be held in jail without bond as he waits for trial…New York [cops discovered someone] distributing child [porn] via…Omegle…New York [cops found White among his customers and reported him to their counterparts in Texas]…

Is an “associate pastor” something like a “youth pastor”?

…an…associate pastor in McAlester [Oklahoma named]…David Prince was [apparently] involved in…sexually explicit online chats [with a cop fantasy role-playing as a legal minor, during which he]…claimed to [molested someone the cops defined as a]…child…[Cops then descended upon] Prince[‘s]…residence [and arrested him after finding child porn]…on [his]…computer…

Torture Chamber (#1253)

Your “leaders” call this “correction”:

An inspection…of a women’s prison in Tallahassee[, Florida revealed]…significant [sanitation] issues…[including] moldy bread…discolored and rotting vegetables…rodent droppings, warped food containers, and bags of cereal with insects in them…roofs routinely leak…[and the cells have] worn bedding, rusted…lockers, issues with showers and toilets, and [toxic] black [mold] on walls and ceilings…[lazy] staff [randomly changes]…the time of day it distributes insulin and drugs…”which may limit the therapeutic benefit of these drugs”…

Crying for Nanny (#1326)

This will never stop while politicians and ambulance-chasers claim heckler’s veto over the entire internet:

The owner of video chat platform Omegle has taken the site offline…[and] replaced [it] with a lengthy message about free speech…In 2021, a woman filed a lawsuit against Omegle for $22 million.  She claimed that she was paired with an adult man wh[ile violating the site’s TOS, which prohibited users below 18, wh]en she was 11 years old, and that he manipulated her into masturbating and urinating on camera in front of him over the course of three years…In July, a judge [declared] that Omegle can’t be shielded by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, [because he didn’t like]…Omegle’s design itself…[which allowed] speech between [anonymous] users…Another lawsuit…makes similar claims…[in his post-shutdown message, site owner Leif K-Brooks criticized the government-encouraged] “constant barrage of attacks on communication services, Omegle included, based on the behavior of a malicious subset of users…The only way to please these people is to stop offering the service.  Sometimes they say so, explicitly and avowedly; other times, it can be inferred from their act of setting standards that are not humanly achievable.  Either way, the net result is the same”…

Winding Down (#1343)

When will the federal government finally read the writing on the wall?

Ohio…[has] becom[e] the 24th state to legalize recreational use [of cannabis]…Issue 2…allows adults 21 or older to publicly possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and grow up to six plants at home…[and] also will create a system to license and regulate commercial sales.  That’s assuming Ohio legislators do not [hobble] or [castrate] the rules…which they have the power to do with any “initiated state statute,” as opposed to a constitutional amendment.  Before Issue 2 was submitted to voters, the…General Assembly passed up a chance to enact it, and now the measure returns to the legislature, which can [wreck] it before it takes effect…

Thought Control (#1362)

Do I really need to say, “Not because someone borrowed a book from a library”?

Two Florida members of the [pro-censorship cult] Moms for Liberty…called police on a pair of school librarians over a book in a bestselling young adult fantasy series…[cult member] Jennifer Tapley [bizarrely claimed]…“Pornography [was] given to a minor in a school”…[because] Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout…[was borrowed by] a 17-year-old…The…book centers around an 18-year-old heroine who is losing her vision but can see and talk to ghosts… To keep her abilities hidden from demons…gargoyle shape-shifters guard her…The [wannabe censors object to]…“one [scene] where the main character almost has sex”…Tapley [tried to hide her identify from well-deserved] …public r[idicule] of her…[attempt to inflict state violence on librarians while fellow cultist] Tom Gurski [vomited out “]Ron DeSantis…says this is child pornography.  It’s a serious crime”…T[o its credit,] the sheriff’s office [sent the complaint to the school board]…and closed its case…Gurski…[previously attempted to subject librarians] in Milton, Florida…[to police violence] over Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, which has an LGBTQ character…

The Puritan Recrudescence (#1371)

Politicians don’t even try to make their new laws Constitutional any more:

Monitoring what [citizens] do online is something [politicians] want to make easier for p[olice].  That’s why they’ve proposed a bill…that would block [web]sites [Alabama politicians deem “pornographic”] from anyone under 18 years old…Ben Robbins…plans to sponsor a [“monkey see, monkey do” age verification] bill [with extra-asinine features unique to Alabama.  He wants to force]…companies to register with the state as adult content distributors…and tax…Alabamians [for visiting such sites].  Lastly, the bill will require distributors to have written consent from people who are posted on the site.  Louisiana, Texas, and Utah have similar[ly-unconstitutional] laws.  Each state faces ongoing lawsuits from the Free Speech Coalition because of them…[politician] Robbins [parroted the “internet is a bar” argument a federal judge mocked and rejected in a challenge to the Arkansas version of this same law]…

To Molest and Rape (#1387)

Though the reporter used the distancing “former”, the headline writer didn’t cooperate:

A [typical and representative screw] was sentenced in federal court…for traveling [from Tennessee] to…North Carolina [to rape a toddler]…John Allen Biggins [was condemned to] 17 years in prison…[followed by] a lifetime of…[probation and condemnation to the] sex offender…[registry.  While communicating with a fantasy role-playing] Homeland Security [spook]…Biggins…claim[ed] he had [raped]…his underage stepdaughter and express[ed] interest in [raping]…the [roleplaying spook’s imaginary] 4-year-old daughter.  At one point, Biggins discussed…in detail [how exactly he wanted to violate] the [imaginary] toddler…

By contrast, in this case everyone involved tried to bury the lede as far down as possible:

A [typical and representative Missouri screw] and [his wife have] pleaded guilty…to recording their sexual assault of a child.  Paul Emerson Schofield…and his wife, Sara Ellen Emerson…admitted they had recorded images of child sexual abuse over a three-year period from July 29, 2019, to June 7, 2022…[they were caught because Schofield] uploaded the images to a social media platform…a…search…[revealed] several videos showing the two sexually assaulting an unconscious child, as well as other images of the sexual abuse of children…


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