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Annex 29

The only time I mind living near a rain forest is when the constant rain delays projects, not just for days but for weeks or even months.  We’ve had our generator for three months, but the ground only recently became dry enough to allow us to move it into place and dig the trench for the heavy power cables to connect it into the system.  And it’s still not dry enough for the gas company to change our propane tank for a larger one so as to support both the heater and the generator; they said it has to be done “in the summer”, which I presume means July because that’s the beginning of our two-month dry season.  If I hear nothing about it by June 21st, you can bet I’ll be calling again (though I doubt they’ll give me much trouble, given that a larger tank will allow me to buy more propane from them).  Once it’s all done, power outages won’t be nearly as much of a nuisance as they’ve been in the past; now we only need to get the annex finished so we can put in a second bathroom, and then mornings won’t be as much of a nuisance as they are right now.

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