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Annex 30

Grace is finally done with the brackets which will support the steel header for the roof section of the atrium which will overlap the roof at the back of the existing structure, which will finally allow us to remove the shitty awning which came with the house.  The thing was jury-rigged to begin with, and there’s no telling how long ago; judging by the rot in the beams and the type of materials used, my guess would be sometime in the early ’80s.  I’ve been crossing my fingers it wouldn’t collapse before we removed it, but it started to do just that under the load of snow we got in February; we’ve had it propped up with a beam since then, but I’ll be glad to get rid of that once the proper roof (or at least the west section of it) is up.  I’m in Seattle today, but I’m returning tomorrow and the coming week is supposed to be both temperate and rain-free, so I’m hoping we can at least get it started; I find once we actually get these projects going, they tend to have a momentum which helps the rest get done.

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