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Diary #566

Though autumn is my favorite season, spring is my second-favorite, and for some of the same reasons: it’s (mostly) neither too hot nor too cold, neither too rainy nor too dry (although the latter doesn’t really apply here in the vicinity of the rain forest), and best of all it’s colorful.  I like seeing everything turn green again after the winter brown, and flowers burst forth from both trees and lawn.  Hummingbirds and honeybees are everywhere, and while there are also a lot of flies that’s also true of summer (which lacks spring’s other beauties).  It does mean the days are getting longer, which increases my free-floating anxiety; however, part of that is the fault of the daylight mismanagement regime rather than the fault of spring itself, so I try not to judge her too harshly for it.  And besides, once it starts getting to be a problem I can simply start my cannabis a bit earlier in the evening so as to give it more time to soothe my central nervous system before bedtime.

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