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Diary #570

Slowly but surely and little by little, things are coming together.  Grace was so pleased with our electrician’s work that we’re going to have him wire up the hot tub as well, and run a secondary panel in the garage (which despite its size, has never had power).  In fact, we’re going to use the old panel from inside out there; there’s nothing actually wrong with it other than being too small for the whole house and too shabby-looking for something in my living room.  And though the new main panel is much nicer-looking than the old one, I’m still going to start keeping my eyes open for something to go over it, such as a framed picture or a decorative hanging, that will hide it from view while not impeding access.  Though the room’s almost finished now, there are still a few touches lacking (such as blinds on the north window) before I finally decide the room is basically done, and I can move on to actually getting my office upsairs into useable form so it’s easier to write while I’m here at home without the interruptions that are inevitable when one works at the dining room table.

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