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Lorelei was very cautious during the pandemic, so the only time we’ve seen each other since March of last year was when I went over to borrow her Doctor Who collection a few months ago, and that was just a masked chat at the door.  But once she was fully vaccinated, she helped me arrange mine (because she’s a lot better at stuff like that than I am) and, despite a few side-effects, I’m all done now.  So we arranged a Who night (also for general catching-up) for the night I got back into town last week, and it was so good to see her again!  The best thing about really close friends is, even when it’s been a while since one has seen them, things just fall right back into place as though no more than a week had passed.  The next night I went to see Matisse, and same thing; the bond of such relationships does not really weaken with time.  But all the same, I hope there are no further obstacles to in-person visits in the near future.

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