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Bathhouse 31

At long last, we’ve started the process of building the roof for the bathhouse annex!  This picture was taken from beneath the deck, and in it you can see the two main load-bearing posts for the western (and more complex) part of the structure.  The one is foreground right, and the other background center-left; as you can see, we used a trick we devised in Oklahoma, cutting the bottom out of a cheap plastic bucket and using it as a concrete form.  If you look closely (you’ll probably need to enlarge the picture) to the left of the post in the background, you can see the hot tub; crossing the center of the picture is its wiring conduit, and next to that the conduit for the main wiring for the cottages.  The slender hanging cable is an ethernet cable feeding a repeater so the cottages have wi-fi.  All of those cables feed into the wellhouse, which is just out of the picture to the right of the post in the foreground; the glare in that area is sunlight coming down through the open wellhouse door, as this picture was taken mid-afternoon last Saturday.  We’ve also set up Grace’s temporary welding station up top, so we’re all set; as we plan things right now, the next photo you see in this feature should be the back of the house without that shitty awning.

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