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Bathhouse 33

It’s been great to have that nasty old awning gone, and now we’re moving on to construction of the new roof structure.  In this picture you can see the temporary water protection for the breaker box and power bus that I mentioned last week, and also the brackets which will support the steel header above the back roof; eventually there will be a valley channel there to keep rainwater out of the roof seam and carry it to the gutters.  The header will be made from the steel tubing you can see lying in the walkway; Grace was cutting pieces to fit on Saturday, and on Sunday we started the actual construction.  Soon we’ll have the electrician in to hook up the hot tub (you can see it at lower left), so we’ll be able to use the tub even before we get much further on the roof.  That will be really great, but what’ll be even better from my point of view is having a roof up so I needn’t slather every square centimeter of exposed skin with SPF 60 every time I need to work outside.

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