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Brazen Solicitation

A little over a year ago I published “Generous Gents“, in which I expressed my appreciation for the many lovely presents my clients, admirers, readers, and fans have bought for me.  As I explained then, practical gifts “…may not be the stuff of male fantasy like fancy lingerie and expensive jewelry, but they mean far more to me: they are allowing me to create the comfortable home I plan to spend the rest of my life in.”  And as I wrote in another column a few months earlier, even small thoughtful gifts from my Amazon wishlist mean a lot to me.  Well, my birthday is coming up in just under three months, and tomorrow some gentlemen from my new gas provider will be coming to install a new 500-gallon propane tank to serve as the fuel reservoir for my new standby generator, running a new line to the gas heater in the process so we can retire the old tank completely.  And as you can probably guess, tank plus fittings plus labor plus a couple-hundred gallons of propane comes with a pretty hefty price tag.  So this is me being a brazen hussy and reminding everyone who might be feeling generous about all the free entertainment and enlightenment I give y’all 365 days a year, and saying that either monetary gifts or wishlist presents would be even more appreciated than usual for the next few months.

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