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Annex 41

It’s good to at last see the roof structure beginning to take shape; as you can see, the third post is shorter than the others because the roof beam it will support runs from the peak down to the edge of the existing house roof, so this will give you an idea of the pitch.  In preparation for running that beam, we’ve also welded the header beam which runs along the back of the house to its support brackets, but that wouldn’t make much of a picture.  The next step, which should be in place by the time you read this, will make an even better picture; I hope things are speeding up now at last, because once the framework in place the installation of the cee purlins should be relatively simple, and the roof panels more straightforward still.  And if we can get the roof in place before the rainy season starts again in October, we’ll be able to work on the walls and other internal features at our leisure without having to plan around the rain.

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