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Diary #581

Last Tuesday the men from my new propane supplier showed up just when they said they would, and in roughly two hours had my new tank installed, lines run, and the last of the propane transferred from the old tank to the new one.  The next morning, a delivery truck came and topped it off; unless we have a major power outage, I should have enough propane for both generator and heater for the next couple of years.  Now all we need to do is get our electrician back to set it up; while he’s here I’m also going to have him connect the hot tub, and I’ve also ordered some cable that should be arriving this week so he can run electricity to the garage, which appears to have never had it.  I feel as though the investment is worth it; right now the only way to get power out there is to run a long extension cord from the shop, and even that is insufficient to run more than one thing at a time.  This way, we’ll not only be able to run light and tools, we’ll also be able to set up an RV hookup so at to accomodate friends who like to travel that way.  And once all that is done, the bathhouse is finished, and my office upstairs is decorated, I’ll be largely satisfied with the way things are and ready to start coasting, and though the improvements have been neither cheap nor easy, the total cost by the time I’m done will still be less than some of my friends have paid for their places in Seattle, and being mortgage-free has already saved me an incalculable amount of stress.  And if you’d like to help reduce that stress a little more, I’d very much appreciate it!

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