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Diary #582

The cable I ordered arrived last Monday, after I had already left for Seattle.  But I came home on Wednesday, so on Thursday we measured it out, ran it through the conduit and buried it, so now everything is ready for our electrician to return.  In addition to running the subsidiary breaker box for the garage I’ve wanted since we moved here, he’ll also set up our generator to operate as it’s supposed to, and wire up the GFCI panel (purchased for me by a generous gent last week) for the hot tub, which means we’ll be able to start using it (at least in fair weather).  Once the bathhouse roof is in place, that condition will be moot as well, and about damned time considering I bought the thing a year and a half ago.  And since it looks like my apple crop will be pretty good this year, I look forward to being able to sit in the tub drinking homemade apple cider while listening to the sound system given me by another lovely gent.  Would that I always had so much good news to share!

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