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Annex 40

With the right help, it’s easier to do some of the construction jobs I at first think are going to be difficult.  Our hired man has been at Sunset again recently, and since he already knows some welding basics Grace is giving him some more training because she doesn’t want me stick-welding overhead.  Last week, he and I raised the center support into position; I thought it was going to be difficult because we only have one extra-tall ladder, but nope; we lifted the beam onto the wellhouse roof, then I climbed up and held one end while he climbed the ladder and put the other end in place.  While I continued to hold the wellhouse end, he moved the ladder: et voilà!  A few tack-welds and it was done.  And before too much longer, you’re going to see steel headers speading toward the house and shop from here.

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