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Anyone who wants to understand how the US grew to be the most carceral nation in the world by a very wide margin need only look at how the vast majority of Americans  – from politicians to cops; from the “right” to the “left”; from old to young; from overeducated to undereducated; from east to west; and from the most anthill-like cities to the most sparsely-populated countryside  –  all believe that the best way to “send messages” to people they don’t agree with (on anything other than mob rule and “might makes right“, of course) is to lock human beings in filthy cages for decades, no matter what the offense or circumstance, and that it’s OK for both cops and prosecutors to lie, deceive, threaten, and break every single rule of law, ethics, morality, and human decency in order to accomplish the goal of cramming as many humans into those cages as possible.  Moreover, the voices screaming most loudly to do this to other humans are always those who also loudly espouse contradictory positions, such as belief in the sanctity of all life or that human society needs to care for all its members.  These barbarians, who make up something over 90% of the population, love belching out their high-sounding ideals about defunding or disempowering armed authority, or about “saving children” from bad thoughts, until it’s someone they dislike being thrown into the machinery of the state and ground to a pulp in order to fertilize the growth of the massive fascist system they, their parents, and their grandparents and great-grandparents helped build.  And the absolute worst are those posing as “anti-fascist” or “Christian”, whose actual belief system is clearly Holy Hypocrisy.

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