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Diary #599

Because I like showing my toy drive donors what I did with their money, behold!  These are the results of the shopping trip I mentioned last Tuesday; since the trunk was already full, I didn’t want to leave them in the back seat overnight.  Immediately after taking this snap, I loaded them in the car and left my incall to return to Sunset, stopping by Olympia on the way to drop them off.  Those with sharp eyes may notice I got two copies of “Sorry”; that’s because it was one of my favorite games as a kid so I buy at least one every toy drive. In general, I try to avoid duplication within a batch, but since each drive requires several trips I sometimes forget what I’ve already bought, and I reckon it doesn’t really matter anyhow as long as I maintain a rough balance of boyish toys, girly toys, unisex toys (including games) and toddler toys.  Not in the picture: several books and DVDs (and a bottle of my favorite perfume) from some of my lovely gentlemen, which I found waiting for me when I arrived.  And while I was in Seattle I also did the last of my own Christmas shopping, so now I can just concentrate on the last of the preparations for our celebration this weekend.

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