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Diary #597

We got lucky this year; Chekhov and I were out looking for less than 15 minutes when we found this lovely tree.  As those of you who cut trees from your own woods are probably aware, naturally-growing trees can be maddeningly imperfect; the nicest ones are always much too big, and those of the right size are often scrawny.  Or, they look great on one side and terrible on the other.  Or they’re too crooked or lopsided or stunted.  This one was very full and just the right size, but it had such a thick trunk for a small tree that Chekhov soon regretted bringing the hand saw rather than the chainsaw.  And the upper branches were so full and healthy that the tree was more of a cylindrical shape than the traditional cone, so it required much more pruning than usual to get it into the proper shape for decorating.  But I think you’ll agree the result was lovely; it took three strings of lights rather than the two my trees for the past few years have been capable of supporting.  Anyway, while I’ve got your attention: Friday is the last day to donate to this year’s toy drive, so please give if you can manage it!

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