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Diary #598

I was concerned my toy drive would be a bit sparse this year, but two gentlemen came through at the last minute, doubling my total donations!  What you see here represents only the first half of my shopping; I’m doing the rest this afternoon, then tomorrow I’ll be dropping off the entire collection at the Toys for Tots donation center in Olympia, which also covers Grays Harbor County (which is where I live).  As y’all may already know, this is my charity of choice; it’s been a part of my Christmas since 1997, so it’s very important to me that it goes well and I have a lot of toys to donate every year.  So for all those who helped, please accept my sincere gratitude once again!  And if you wanted to help but forgot or missed the deadline, please contact your local Toys for Tots campaign to make a last-minute donation (many will still accept donations through this coming weekend).  Giving to others, whether loved ones or strangers, is really what this holiday is about, and if you make it a tradition as I have I think you’ll find you get a great deal more out of the festival than you otherwise might.

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