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Diary #600

We had the loveliest Christmas in years this time around.  I honestly can’t give you a specific reason, but there was something wonderful about it, and everyone who was here said the same thing.  Everyone enjoyed their presents, the meal preparation was very smooth, everything came out as it was supposed to, and though the weather was very cold it was also clear, and the snow didn’t stop anybody from getting here.  We did have a white Christmas, but the real snow didn’t start until late in the evening, and this was the view from my kitchen window about an hour after dawn on the morning of Boxing Day (which isn’t as early as it sounds; sunrise was at 8:02 AM).  We got a lot more snow during the day, and had to take precautions because the forecast was for lower temperatures Sunday night than I’ve seen since I moved to the area.  But none of that could change the beauty of our Christmas festivities, and that gave me enough of a positive outlook to get through the annoyances which followed.

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