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Annex 88

Once our plumbing passed the pressure test, I was able to close up the front wall of the shower; since the outer layer of that wall (not counting the rubberized coating) is cement board, I was able to use scraps of OSB left over from building the stable, thus saving money.  So even though the base layer is patchwork, you can’t see that in this picture.  Those who remember what the roof edge in the bathroom looks like may recognize that the shower fixture is attached to one of those metal brackets bolted to the rafters of the original house; the brackets also support a wooden beam to which the upper cement board section is attached.  This is the section which hides the gutter that catches water which seeps through the roof join in heavy rain.  Of course, it’s all very plain-looking now; later it’ll all be covered with the same kind of textured coating one sees in the beds of pickup trucks.  The material is tough, flexible, waterproof, non-skid and available in a variety of colors, which really made it ideal for our purposes.  But first we needed to pour a bed of mortar; those plastic rails on the bottom serve as a guide so the shower floor has the correct slope for water to run down to the drain.  And next time you’ll be able to see the slab before we move on to coating it.

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