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Diary #646

When Yellowbird saw my diary of two weeks ago, mentioning that I couldn’t get a good picture of the diorama she had made me for my birthday, she let me know that she had taken some pictures herself; not only is she a much better photographer than I am, she also used Photoshop to give it a cool background.  I thought this was the best one to show you the outside, but the inside detail is pretty amazing too.  As of this writing, it’s still sitting on the dining table for people to look at, along with my other presents.  Usually I pick things up fairly soon after parties, but this year the summer malingered for so long that it didn’t feel like proper Halloween weather until a week before the big day.  So, I’m kind of procrastinating on moving on to Thanksgiving, though obviously I’ll have to stop doing that soon.  And the end of Daylight Mismanagement Time is helping; now the sun has already set before I start dinner, so it’s properly dark by the time I serve it.  And it really helps my brain to sit down to dinner with all the chores done and the animals fed, and without sunlight pouring into the windows as though it were mid-afternoon.  I have to mention one other present: when I arrived in Seattle on Sunday, my landlord handed me a package that had come in earlier in the week; it contained the CD of Vangelis’ Albedo 0.39, but no note as to the sender.  So if that was you, please tel me so I can thank you properly!

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