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Diary #645

While I was having my recent phone problems, one of my gentlemen suggested I try one of these tiny but powerful thumb drives to transfer my pictures & other files from the old screen-busted phone to my new-new phone (as opposed to the shitty old-new phone).  See, I can still get the broken screen to work for maybe 30 seconds at a time if I mess with it; that was long enough to disable the screen lock, which made it easier for me to accomplish whatever I needed to do.  So last time I went to Seattle I bought one from a big box store; the one I got is 64 GB and cost about $15.  Then on Friday it rained cats and dogs all day, so it was the perfect day to sit down and try to recover my data.  First, I plugged the microdrive into my new phone so I could learn how to install the driver-app and learn how the backup process worked; once I learned that I was able to do the same with the broken phone, since it still keeps working even while I can’t see what’s going on.  Once I got the process going, I fiddled with the screen every few minutes to check progress, and when it was done I was able to move the files into the new phone.  So now I’ve not only got back all the pictures and files I was concerned about being unable to recover; I’ve also got a way to back up my phone on a regular basis without giving my data to some big tech company who’ll be happy to give it to any “authority” who demands it. And so far, it looks like it’s going to be just what I’ve needed for a long time.


I find paywalls distasteful, and so many people find this blog valuable as a resource I just can’t bring myself to install one.  Furthermore, I find ad delivery services (whose content I have no say over) even more distasteful.  But as I’m now semi-retired from sex work, I can’t self-sponsor this blog by myself any longer.  So if you value my writing enough that you would pay to see it if it were paywalled, please consider subscribing; there are four different levels to fit all budgets.  Or if that doesn’t work for you, please consider showing your generosity with a one-time donation; you can Paypal to maggiemcneill@earthlink.net or else email me at the same address to make other arrangements.  Thanks so much!

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