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The fact that so many people think the woman was “praying to Shrek” shows how little people, even people who call themselves religious or spiritual, understand spirituality.  Many churches and mosques were converted from pagan temples; were those people “accidentally” praying to the gods those temples were built to? In north Texas I used to pass a small Baptist church converted from a gas station; were those folks “accidentally” praying to Exxon?  Physical objects don’t determine spirituality; the intent of mind and heart do. If the woman had Buddha in mind, it doesn’t matter whether the statue was of Buddha, Shrek, blonde-haired Jesus, Casper the Friendly Ghost, or Oliver Hardy; she was still praying to Buddha because her thoughts were directed toward Buddha.  An idol or other symbol of a deity is not the deity itself; it is merely a focal point for meditative thought, in other words prayer.

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