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Go find a tree branch or something!  –  “Officer” Myles Foster

In my mind there’s only one proper song to honor the passing of Gordon Lightfoot; the links above the video were provided by Franklin Harris, Gustavo Turner, Stephen Lemons, Cop Crisis (x2), Scott Greenfield, and Radley Balko, in that order.

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I find paywalls distasteful, and so many people find this blog valuable as a resource I just can’t bring myself to install one.  Furthermore, I find ad delivery services (whose content I have no say over) even more distasteful.  But as I’m now semi-retired from sex work, I can’t self-sponsor this blog by myself any longer.  So if you value my writing enough that you would pay to see it if it were paywalled, please consider subscribing; there are four different levels to fit all budgets.  Or if that doesn’t work for you, please consider showing your generosity with a one-time donation; you can Paypal to maggiemcneill@earthlink.net or else email me at the same address to make other arrangements.  Thanks so much!

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