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Annex 107

I’ve learned to trust Jae’s instincts with decorating; over the years she has learned my tastes, and I’ve only rarely disagreed with one of her suggestions.  So even though some of them regarding the bar seemed odd, I just went with the flow and, as usual, I like what she did.  The side is done in the same kind of artificial greenery as the wall behind the hot tub (which is directly across from it), so even though I was skeptical about the artificial turf on top, she promised it would be soft and not have a plasticky look.  As usual, she was right, and Lilith seems to enjoy lying up there too.  She did the bar with a Japanese-inspired technique involving splashed paint and searing with a blowtorch, and I really like it; you’re going to see another feature done the same way in the next few weeks.  Sometimes, she does something one way and then decides later that there’s a better way to do it; you can see that the bar was one such case, and she’s warned me that the ceiling lights will be another when we get around to that.  But even though that will involve my having to get up on a ladder to rearrange them, I really don’t mind (much) as long as I like the finished product.

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